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Buy Topsoil Locally


Buy Topsoil Locally

Whether your business is excavating, landscaping, tree farms, pool installation or retail sales, B.R. Kreider is the premier source for topsoil in Central Pennsylvania. At B.R. Kreider our screened topsoil meets PennDOT's Pub 408 Sec 802.2 specification for topsoil*, and our topsoil is sold by tonnage, so you know exactly what you are getting. There is never any guessing when you buy your topsoil from us!

If you are a homeowner looking for topsoil, we gladly accept orders over 4 cubic yards. We have determined that it is more cost effective for the homeowner to buy their topsoil at a local landscaper for orders under 4 cubic yards. So while we would appreciate your business we suggest for you to buy smaller quantities from a local retailer.

Regular topsoil is the perfect solution for larger areas, like growing grass where there is no topsoil in place. If there is no topsoil you should plan on installing it at approximately 6"-8" thick. This is the correct thickness for growing grass and use in flower beds and gardens.

Regular, or unscreened, topsoil can have some smaller stones and more clumps than screened topsoil and may not rake out as easily if it's high in moisture. The good news is this will not hinder plant growth.

Our Topsoil Mix is composed of 90% screened topsoil and 10% mushroom mix. Mushroom mix, also known as the soil conditioner, will help soften the clay that is located in your topsoil and improve the water drainage. The mix is filled with an abundance of nutrients and minerals that are suitable for plant growth.

*PennDOT spec for topsoil is as follows: Nothing larger than 2 inches (aka screened), 100% Must pass through a 2" sieve, 75% Must pass through a 4.76 mm sieve, 60% Must pass through a 2 mm sieve, Clay Must be less than 36%, Organic Must be between 2 and 10%

It takes roughly 27 cubic feet to equal one yard of topsoil; therefore, one yard is equivalent to three yards. The topsoil may be spread out to a depth of three inches over an area that is one hundred square feet in size. However, it is essential to keep in mind that this is really just a rough estimate and that the actual coverage may differ from this number depending on the kind of topsoil that you use. A topsoil that is coarse and sandy, for instance, will not cover as much space as a topsoil that is fine and loamy.

DC Hauling, Excavating, and Snow Plowing, Inc. provides topsoil of the highest quality that is completely free of debris, rocks, and other unwanted materials. Additionally, we go to great lengths to ensure that our topsoil is clean and clear of any pollutants, making it suitable for use in landscaping and gardening projects. We also check the quality of our topsoil to make sure it is right for the area.

Investing in topsoil from DC Hauling, Excavating, and Snow Plowing, Inc. comes with an additional benefit in the form of our hassle-free delivery service. We will save you the trouble of having to bring the dirt to your home on your own by delivering it to you there ourselves.

The cost of new topsoil can vary depending on where you purchase it and the quantity you need. The national average cost of topsoil is $600, including professional spreading. Most homeowners spend between $250 and $1,000 for their topsoil needs.

Topsoil is an essential part of any landscaping project. The typical range of a topsoil project falls between $250 and $1,000, with the national average being $600 for standard-size garden beds, including delivery.

For example, high-quality topsoil free of weed seeds and rich in nutrients will be on the higher end of the price range. Topsoil that is lower quality and contains more rocks, twigs, and other debris will be less expensive.

Larger projects that require organic topsoil at 4 inches deep can cost upwards of $2,000 when you include materials, labor, and delivery. On the other hand, if you need just a small amount of topsoil for a potted plant or small garden flower bed, you can find bags


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