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Boomerang: The Ultimate Collection Of Telugu Songs In HD Blu-ray

Boomerang Songs HD 1080p Blu-ray Telugu Movies: A Review

Boomerang is a 2019 Telugu action thriller movie directed by R. Kannan and starring Atharvaa, Megha Akash, Indhuja Ravichandran and Upen Patel. The movie revolves around a man who undergoes a face transplant after a fire accident and faces the consequences of his new identity. The movie was dubbed in Hindi and released on YouTube by Goldmines Telefilms in 2020.

Boomerang: The Ultimate Collection of Telugu Songs in HD Blu-ray

One of the highlights of the movie is its music composed by Radhan, who also worked on Arjun Reddy and Adithya Varma. The movie has five songs that are catchy, melodious and suit the mood of the scenes. The songs are sung by popular singers like Sid Sriram, Chinmayi, Haricharan, Shashaa Tirupati and others. The lyrics are written by Kabilan Vairamuthu, Vivek and Thamarai.

The songs are available in HD 1080p Blu-ray quality on YouTube and other platforms. The video quality is crisp and clear, and the audio quality is rich and immersive. The songs are visually appealing and showcase the chemistry between the lead actors. The songs also have some stunning locations and choreography that add to the appeal.

Here is a list of the songs from Boomerang in HD 1080p Blu-ray quality:

  • Mughaiyazhi: This is a romantic song sung by Sid Sriram and Chinmayi. The song features Atharvaa and Megha Akash as they fall in love with each other. The song has a soothing melody and beautiful lyrics that express their feelings. The song has been shot in some scenic places like Ooty and Kodaikanal.

  • Desame: This is an inspirational song sung by Haricharan and Shashaa Tirupati. The song features Atharvaa as he recovers from his accident and faces the challenges of his new life. The song has a motivational tune and powerful lyrics that encourage him to overcome his fears and fight for his rights. The song has been shot in some urban settings like Chennai and Hyderabad.

  • Vaazhum Valluvarae: This is a folk song sung by Jithin Raj and Sowmya Ramani Mahadevan. The song features Atharvaa and Indhuja Ravichandran as they celebrate their friendship and bond. The song has a lively rhythm and catchy lyrics that celebrate their joy and happiness. The song has been shot in some rural settings like Madurai and Thanjavur.

  • Mudhal Murai: This is a sad song sung by Vijay Yesudas and Chinmayi. The song features Atharvaa and Megha Akash as they face some misunderstandings and conflicts in their relationship. The song has a melancholic melody and emotional lyrics that convey their pain and regret. The song has been shot in some dark and gloomy settings like Mumbai and Kolkata.

  • Desame (Reprise): This is a reprise version of the inspirational song sung by Radhan himself. The song features Atharvaa as he confronts his enemies and seeks justice for his past. The song has a rock vibe and intense lyrics that reflect his anger and determination. The song has been shot in some action-packed settings like Delhi and Bengaluru.

If you are a fan of Telugu movies or music, you should definitely check out Boomerang songs in HD 1080p Blu-ray quality. You will not be disappointed by the music, video or audio quality of these songs. You can also watch the full movie on YouTube or buy the Blu-ray disc from online or offline stores. 04f6b60f66


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