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How to Find and Install MATLAB R2013b License File

How to Find and Install MATLAB R2013b License File

MATLAB is a popular software for numerical computing, data analysis, and visualization. However, to use MATLAB, you need a valid license file that matches your installation and activation. In this article, we will show you how to find and install MATLAB R2013b license file on different operating systems.

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What is MATLAB R2013b License File?

MATLAB R2013b license file is a text file that contains information about your MATLAB license, such as the license number, the expiration date, the products you are entitled to use, and the host ID of the computer where you installed MATLAB. The license file also contains a digital signature that verifies its authenticity.

The license file is required for MATLAB to run properly. If you do not have a valid license file, you may encounter errors such as "License Manager Error -8" or "License Manager Error -96". Therefore, it is important to keep your license file up-to-date and store it in a safe location.

Where to Find MATLAB R2013b License File?

The location of your MATLAB R2013b license file depends on your license type and operating system. There are two main types of MATLAB licenses: individual and network. Individual licenses are tied to a specific user or computer, while network licenses are shared among multiple users or computers.

For individual licenses, the license file is stored in a hidden folder within your home directory. For network licenses, the license file is stored in the MATLAB installation directory on the license server. The following table summarizes the typical locations of MATLAB R2013b license files on different operating systems:

License TypeOperating SystemLicense File Location


MacOS/Users/$USER/Library/Application Support/MathWorks/MATLAB/R2013b_licenses


NetworkWindowsC:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2013b\licenses



If you cannot find your MATLAB R2013b license file in these locations, you can also check if it is stored in an environment variable. This is common for network licenses that use a license manager. The environment variables that store the license file location are LM_LICENSE_FILE and MLM_LICENSE_FILE. You can check their values using the following commands:



If these commands return empty strings, it means that your MATLAB R2013b license file is not stored in an environment variable.

How to Install MATLAB R2013b License File?

If you already have a MATLAB R2013b license file, you can install it by copying it to the appropriate location on your computer or license server. However, if you do not have a MATLAB R2013b license file, or if your license file is expired or invalid, you need to obtain a new one from MathWorks.

To obtain a new MATLAB R2013b license file, you need to activate your MATLAB installation using an activation key and a file installation key (FIK). The activation key is a 25-character code that identifies your MATLAB product and links it to your MathWorks Account. The FIK is a 16-digit code that enables you to install MATLAB products offline.

You can find your activation key and FIK in the License Center on the MathWorks website. To access the License Center, follow these steps:



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