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Why You Should Upgrade from Gemvision Matrix 7 to MatrixGold

Why You Should Upgrade from Gemvision Matrix 7 to MatrixGold

If you are a jewelry designer who uses Gemvision Matrix 7, you might be wondering if you should upgrade to the latest version of the software, MatrixGold. MatrixGold is the ultimate 3D CAD tool for jewelry design, developed by the same team that created Matrix and RhinoGold. It offers many advantages over Matrix 7, such as:

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  • Improved speed and responsiveness: MatrixGold runs faster and smoother than Matrix 7, thanks to its optimized engine and interface. You can create and edit complex designs with ease and efficiency.

  • New content organization: MatrixGold lets you organize your designs, materials, gems, and settings in a more intuitive and flexible way. You can access your content from any tool or command, and customize your libraries according to your preferences.

  • Wide variety of instruments: MatrixGold has a rich set of tools and commands that cover every aspect of jewelry design, from sketching to rendering. You can use parametric history, dynamic commands, smart patterns, advanced builders, realistic materials, and more to create stunning designs.

MatrixGold is not only a powerful software, but also a smart investment. If you upgrade from Matrix 7 to MatrixGold today, you will receive:

  • A six-month membership that includes technical support, full access to the MatrixGold Online Academy, quarterly virtual seminars, minor software updates, and bug fixes.

  • Access to the Gemvision Forum, where you can learn from experts in your field of work, join in discussions, and stay up-to-date on when the latest software is released.

  • Opportunities to purchase and attend four-hour virtual workshops and multi-day instructor-led classes.

MatrixGold is the future of jewelry design software. Don't miss this chance to upgrade from Matrix 7 to MatrixGold for only $3,995*. Visit or call 800-357-6272 to request a software demonstration or place your order today.

*This offer is valid for primary owners of Matrix 7 only. Offer expires on August 31, 2022.

What is MatrixGold?

MatrixGold is the latest version of the Matrix software, which has been the leading 3D CAD software for jewelry design for over 20 years. MatrixGold is based on the Rhino 6 platform, which provides a stable and robust environment for creating and editing 3D models. MatrixGold also integrates with other Gemvision products, such as CounterSketch and, to offer a complete solution for custom jewelry design and production.

What are the benefits of MatrixGold?

MatrixGold offers many benefits for jewelry designers, such as:

  • Creative freedom: MatrixGold allows you to design any type of jewelry, from simple to complex, with unlimited possibilities. You can sketch your ideas, use predefined shapes, or import existing models and modify them to your liking. You can also use parametric history to edit your designs at any stage of the process.

  • Efficiency and productivity: MatrixGold helps you save time and money by streamlining your workflow and reducing errors. You can use dynamic commands to adjust your designs on the fly, smart patterns to create repeating elements, and advanced builders to create realistic prongs, bezels, heads, and more. You can also use realistic materials and gems to preview how your designs will look in real life.

  • Quality and professionalism: MatrixGold enables you to create stunning presentations and renderings for your clients and showcase your designs in the best possible way. You can use different lighting and environment settings, apply textures and effects, and export high-quality images and videos. You can also use MatrixGold's built-in tools to check for potential issues, such as interferences, thicknesses, weights, and costs.



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