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With the new Magnify Soft Clip feature, you can fine-tune the loudness of your tracks without compromising the dynamics or clarity. With the new Recover Sides feature, you can enhance the stereo width and depth of your mono recordings. Ozone 10 is the most advanced mastering suite in the world, offering you unparalleled tools and features to deliver superior-sounding releases.

Ozone 10 is more than just a mastering suite. It's a complete solution for enhancing and optimizing your audio production workflow. Whether you need to polish a single track, a full album, or a podcast, Ozone 10 has you covered.

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Ozone 10 comes with a powerful set of modules that let you shape your sound with precision and creativity. You can use the EQ, Dynamics, Exciter, Imager, Maximizer, and Vintage modules to sculpt your tone, balance your levels, add warmth and character, widen your stereo field, and maximize your loudness. You can also use the Master Rebalance, Low End Focus, Match EQ, and Master Assistant modules to adjust the overall balance, clarity, and consistency of your mix.

Ozone 10 also integrates seamlessly with your favorite DAWs and streaming platforms. You can use the Ozone 10 plug-in to access all the features and modules within your DAW, or use the Ozone 10 standalone application to master your audio files with ease. You can also use the Codec Preview and Dithering features to hear how your audio will sound on different formats and devices. And with the new Loudness Normalizer feature, you can ensure that your audio meets the loudness standards of various streaming services.

If you want to take your mastering skills to the next level, Ozone 10 also offers you a wealth of learning resources and tips. You can use the Reference Tracks feature to compare your audio to professionally mastered tracks in different genres and styles. You can also use the Mastering Guides feature to access tutorials and articles on various mastering topics and techniques. And with the new Ozone Community feature, you can connect with other Ozone users and share your feedback and insights.

Ozone 10 is the ultimate mastering suite for any audio professional. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Ozone 10 will help you achieve your sonic goals and deliver your best-sounding audio ever. Don't settle for anything less than Ozone 10, the most advanced mastering suite in the world. 0efd9a6b88


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