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How to Learn 12 English Tenses in Urdu with PDF Download

How to Learn 12 English Tenses in Urdu with PDF Download

English tenses are one of the most important aspects of grammar that you need to master if you want to communicate effectively in English. Tenses tell you when an action or event happened, is happening, or will happen. They also show the relationship between different actions or events in time.

There are 12 main tenses in English: present simple, present continuous, present perfect, present perfect continuous, past simple, past continuous, past perfect, past perfect continuous, future simple, future continuous, future perfect, and future perfect continuous. Each tense has its own form and usage rules that you need to learn and practice.

12 tenses in urdu pdf download


But how can you learn 12 English tenses in Urdu? Well, there are many resources available online that can help you with that. In this article, we will share some of the best ones that you can use to improve your English tenses skills.

12 English Tenses in Urdu with Examples Download PDF

One of the best ways to learn 12 English tenses in Urdu is to download a PDF file that contains all the tenses with their Urdu translation and examples. This way, you can easily understand the meaning and structure of each tense and see how it is used in different sentences.

There are many websites that offer such PDF files for free download. For example, you can visit Grammareer, Zahid Notes, or Talib to get a PDF file that explains all 12 English tenses in Urdu with examples[^1^] [^2^] [^3^]. You can also find a PDF file that shows all 12 English tenses on one page for quick reference on Khan Books or Scribd [^4^] [^5^].

How to Use 12 English Tenses in Urdu PDF File

Once you have downloaded a PDF file that teaches you 12 English tenses in Urdu, you need to use it effectively to improve your grammar skills. Here are some tips on how to do that:

  • Read the PDF file carefully and try to understand the meaning and usage of each tense. Pay attention to the form of the verb and the time expressions that indicate the tense.

  • Practice making sentences with each tense using your own words and ideas. You can use the examples in the PDF file as a guide, but try to be creative and original.

  • Check your sentences for accuracy and correctness. You can use online tools like Grammarly or LanguageTool to check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors.

  • Review the PDF file regularly and revise the tenses that you have learned. You can also use flashcards or quizzes to test your knowledge and memory.

  • Apply the tenses that you have learned in real-life situations. You can practice speaking or writing in English using the tenses that you have learned. You can also watch or read English content that uses different tenses and try to identify them.


Learning 12 English tenses in Urdu is not difficult if you have the right resources and methods. By downloading a PDF file that explains all 12 English tenses in Urdu with examples, you can easily learn and practice them at your own pace and convenience. You can also use online tools and real-life situations to enhance your learning and application of the tenses. We hope this article has helped you find some 29c81ba772


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